Soldering + Desoldering Digital Temperature Controlled Rework Station ZD987

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Digital: Up/Down buttons, with display
Dual: Setpoint and Actual Temp
Input Voltage:
110 to 130V AC, 50-60 Hz (North America
600 mm Hg

Product Overview

Soldering + Vacuum Desoldering Station ZD987

This temperature controlled soldering and desoldering station makes building and repairing circuit boards a breeze.

The temperature-controlled soldering iron features a comfortable grip. The station's dual display shows the set-point temperature and the actual temperature in either centigrade or farenheit. The up/down buttons can be used to change the desired temperature of the soldering iron. The iron has a built-in temperature sensor that feeds back the ACTUAL temperature to the station, which in turn controls the power delivered to the heater, to provide a close-loop control of the actual temperature.

For desoldering through-hole parts, simply place the heated tip of the desoldering gun over the pin to be de-soldered, wait for the solder to melt, then press the trigger. This will activate the vacuum pump in the station to suck the melted solder through the hollow tip into a waste-reservoir and leave the component's leg and PCB free of solder. It only takes a few seconds per pin.

If you've ever tried to de-solder parts using wick or a manual vacuum pump, you know how difficult that is, particularly on a double-sided board. You will NOT have these problems using our desoldering station, because it sucks the solder from both sides of the board, leaving the hole and component leg virtually free of solder.

The station features independent dual LCD displays, showing the desired temperature and the actual temperature. The display can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius if, and the desired temperature can be dialed-in using the up/down buttons. Illuminated on/off switches for each section are conveniently located on the front.

The package comes with the following items:

1.) Temperature Controlled Station, with AC Power Cord (ZD-985)
2.) Vacuum Desoldering Gun
3.) Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron
3.) Three tips with different sized holes (0.8mm = N5-1, 1mm = N5-2, 1.3mm = N5-3)
4.) Three cleaning rods (these are used to clean the hole in the tips when necessary)
5.) Spare Filters
6.) AC Cord

We provide a 6 months parts and labor warranty (consumables like tips, filters and heating element are excluded). This warranty is provided by Memotronics here in the USA, we do not simply refer you to the manufacturer.

Spare parts and consumables (such as additional tips, filters, cleaning rods, heater elements) are available separately.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review