Advance Exchange: Return 1/2" pin for 5/8" pin (incl. $7 refundable core charge)

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Advance Exchange: 1/2 inch pin for 5/8 inch

If you purchased one of our BOLT Receiver locks and ordered a model with a 1/2" pin but actually require the 5/8" pin instead, we can do an advance replacement exchange: We will send you the 5/8" receiver pin, together with a pre-paid return label for the 1/2" pin. This saves you from having to return the entire lock.

Upon receipt, simply put the 1/2" pin back into the box, tape it closed, and apply the prepaid return label over the existing address label on the outside of the box.

The $14.99 includes shipping both ways, and a $7 core charge (to make sure you return the other pin)

It is IMPORTANT that the pin you are returning to us has NOT BEEN USED

Once we receive the 1/2" pin back from you, the $7 core charge will be refunded to your credit card or PayPal account.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review