6 ft AC Power Cord 125V 10A, Figure 8 polarized connector (C7-PW), 2 Prong

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10 A
6 feet
Temperature Rated:
105 C
Temperature Rated:
220 F
125 V

Product Overview

6 foot AC Cord, Figure 8 Polarized

When comparing with other cords, please keep in mind:

  • 1.) This is a non-integral cord. Most cheaper "competitors" are integral (see the difference below)
  • 2.) This is a 6 foot long cord
  • 3.) This is a 10 AMP cord, meaning it can carry up to 10 Amps at 125 volts. Most other cords are only rated up to 7 amps.
  • 4.) This cord is UL (Underwriter Laboratories) listed
  • 5.) This cord is rated to 105 degrees C (220 F)

A non-integral cord (which is what we're selling) is a cord where the conductors are double-insulated: There is the inner insulation which wraps around each conductor individually, and then there's another thick layer (the outer black layer you actually see). This non-integral (double-insulated) cord is stronger and more reliable than an integral (single-insulated) cordbecause it provides additional strength and protection for ultimate durability and safety.

To check if a cord is double-insulated (non-integral) like ours, feel the flat portion of the cord with your fingers: If there is a groove running down the center of the cords (usually on both sides), then that's a good sign that the cord is only single-insulated.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review