Now stocking Super Lube synthetic lubricants from Synco Chemical Corp

29th Dec 2014

Synco Chemicals is the maker of the Super Lube brand of lubricants.  These are synthetic oils, greases and other lubricants for a variety of purposes.  Besides their very popular and versatile general purpose lubricant, they offer special products for applications such as bicycle chains, food-processing equipment, thermal grease, rubber-compatible greases, silicone greases, motorcycle engine treatment, dielectric grease, connector gel etc. etc.

The most popular product, their general purpose synthetic grease with Syncolon (aka PTFE or Teflon(R)) is available in a variety of packages, from a 1cc single-use packet, 7ml pen-style oiler, 3 oz tube or cartridge to a 400g tub or cartridge.  For most applications, the 3 oz tube offers good value for money.  For regular users, the 400g tub or grease-gun cartridge is probably the best solution.  For those that work with small mechanical assemblies, such as firearms, the 3 oz tube and 7ml oiler pen cover most tasks.

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