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Now stocking BOLT Locks. A simple idea, brilliantly executed.


BOLT locks are a range of locks that use your car or truck key:  After purchasing the lock, insert the key and turn it 180 degrees.  That's it: The lock has now "learned" that key.  No need to carry around a bunch of keys or, worse, finding yourself without the correct key; if you carry your car key with you, then you have the key for your locks.

The BOLT lock series consists of the following types of locks:


Cable Lock

Receiver Hitch Lock (5/8")

Receiver Hitch Lock (1/2")

Coupler Pin Lock

Toolbox Lock Retrofit Kit (for truck-bed mounted tool-boxes)

Spare Tire Lock (Jeep)

Hood Lock (Jeep)

Tailgate Lock (for late model GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado)

BOLT locks are made by Strattec Security, which is the OEM supplier for vehicle locks to Chrysler, Ford, GM and others.  These locks are automotive grade, and designed to withstand years of exposure to the elements.  All locks feature a stainless steel shutter for prolonged troublefree operation, and they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

When purchasing one of these locks, please ensure it is compatible with your vehicle key.

For each product, a link to the list of compatible vehicles is shown on our website.

Click here for a list of BOLT products

Now stocking Super Lube synthetic lubricants from Synco Chemical Corp

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Now stocking Cliplight Manufacturing LED Lights

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New Product Line: Flösser Bulbs, Fuses & Horns

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