Cliplight Pivot Advanced COB LED Technology Work Light + 5 LED Flashlight

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3 AA
Batteries Included:
LED Type:
Strip Array
8.5 inch
Light Output:
240 Lumens

Product Overview

Cliplight Pivot LED Work Light

This innovative LED light features a magnetic pivoting base to permit simple adjustment of the body to shine the light where it's needed. Using a state of the art strip array LED, the worklight projects a homogenous beam of light is at an amazing 240 Lumens in a wide angle: This permits the work light to be relatively close to the object while illuminating a large area.

In addition to the strip array LED, a 5-LED forward facing flashlight is integrated into the unit.

For each press of the power button, the light cycles through the 3 modes: Off, Worklight, Flashlight

  • Strip Array LED
  • Battery Operated: 3 AA batteries included
  • 5 LED top flashlight
  • Strong yet light weight
  • Dual magnets: On swivel base and on the back
  • Powerful 240 Lumens
  • Folding and Pivoting Hook

The folding and pivoting hook can be folded back flush into the rear of the unit, or extended and rotated 360 degrees.

The back of the light features a strong magnet, and the pivot base has two magnets to secure the base. From the standing position, the worklight can be pivoted on the base by 90 degrees in either direction for a full 180 degree range.

Strip Array Technology Advantages
  • Long Battery Life
  • Runs cool
  • Long Life
  • Wide Angle Beam = Large Area of Illumination even at close range
  • Homogenous Light


(No reviews yet) Write a Review