Candlepower, Vosla and Narva now offered by Memotronics, LLC

Dear Candlepower Customer,

In October 2020, Maryland-based Candlepower, Inc closed its doors after more than 50 years of excellence.  Shortly thereafter, Candlepower USA closed as well, after the passing of its owner, Kenny Franklin.  In 2021, Texas-based Memotronics, LLC completed the acquisition of the remaining inventory of Candlepower USA, as well as Candlepowers intellectual property.

Memotronics will integrate a subset of these Candlepower, Vosla and Narva products into our offering, to complement the existing line of automotive lamps.

If you do not see a particular item listed on our site that you have previously purchased from Candlepower Inc or Candlepower USA, please contact Johannes Eggers by phone at (281) 818-6173 for a status update on these items.